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Wearable Solutions

Molding Solutions for Wearable Devices

As the number of wristwatch and wristband type wearable devices increases, the demand for bands made of rubber material is increasing. The rubber/elastomer compound is designed to be in contact with human skin, so it is designed to be tactile and reliable. We also support the development of next-generation devices with our insert molding technology.


  • Base material can be selected from silicone rubber, synthetic rubber, etc.
  • Color variations supported
  • Complex molding with rubber and insert molding with resin and metal are possible.
  • Formulation proposals can be made for high-strength types, low-friction grades depending on applications.
  • Secondary processing by screen printing, PAD printing and laser marking is possible.
  • Available in mold surface finishing and surface coating for good tactile feel
  • Add functionality to rubber by compounding such as light-storing, metal tone, etc.

Application Examples

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