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Conventional thermal conductive sheets, thermal conductive greases can be applied in a much thinner layer and offer extremely low thermal resistance. The outstanding handling properties make for ease of grease Dispensing and coating onto substrates.
In addition, the use of non-silicone base oils eliminates problems such as contact faults caused by low-molecular siloxane.

Specific Characteristics

Specifications Unit/Grade GA200 GA204 GA401 GA690
Thermal Conductivity* 1 W/(m・K) 2 2.4 4.1 4.5
Appearabce White White Gray Gray
Base Material Ester oil Ester oil Ester oil Ester oil
Viscosity Pa・s 170 110 350 300
Specific Gravity 3.1 3.2 2.55 2.55
Minimum Thickness μm 20 20 25 25
Solvent Inside? No No No Yes
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 150 -40 ~ 150 -40 ~ 150 -40 ~ 150
Package Type Can or Syringe Can or Syringe Can or Syringe Can

* 1 Hot Wire Method.

Example of coating with heat release grease

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