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Message from the CEO

Our missions are “A Total commitment to putting the customer first”, “Meeting the challenges of technological development” and “An attitude of profound respect toward humanity”. We utilize our knowledge and experience about polymer materials to ensure satisfaction from all our customers.

In recent years, we have entered an era of huge changes such as diversification of values as well as changes in the social environment.

To cope with these huge challenges, we strike to provide more new materials and continue our unique production, development of checking equipment, then present them with even more appropriate marketing strategies and even better production method. By doing these, we hope to improve ourselves and to become global and be supported on the global market.

Our aim is to improve people's lives and the global environment around the world by proposing new value to our customers.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

Chikao Shimizu, CEO

We welcome your any comments to our products and design engineering.
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