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Our unique magnetic orientation process enables one time molding process to build conductive and insulate portion in a sheet. It has PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) on the back so it can be fixed anywhere in case you need grounding solution for your electric device design.
Standard designs are available and contact us for custom designs.

Usage Example

  • With PSA assembled design, just put it without any soldering process.
  • Has very low electric resistance. Can be used for grounding and board to board connection.
  • Ideal design for low profile and small devices.


  • Point1 Easy to assemble with PSA design
  • Point2 PSA does not make conductivity low
  • Point3 Easy grounding solution as conventional sponge gasket
  • Point4 Excellent in dimension stability by molding process
  • Point5 Low electric resistance and low compression force by unique magnetic orientation molding     process
  • Point6 Meeting in flexible and small space design requirement
  • Point7 No tool requirement for standard design 2 x 3mm.
  • Point8 RoHs Compliant

Development Flow

Upon receipt of your design information, we suggest the most optimized dot connector design by following the development flow. Contact Polymatech today for your complete application solutions.

We welcome your any comments to our products and design engineering.
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