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ICR stands for Inner Contact Rubber is a product which has switch function (ON-OFF) forms electrical continuity part on the silicone rubber.


We design stroke and skirt form of the button based on particular repelling force of silicone rubber, and provide parts at customer's target force and click ratio .

Types of electric continuity contact and Features
  Type Type Features
a Contact Printing 100Ω ≧ Low Cost / Can design contact shape circular, oval and quadrangle
b Carbon Pill 100Ω ≧ Lower Cost comparing with metal pill / Contact shape is only circle
(φ2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5,6,7,8)
c Metal Pill 2Ω ≧ Low Resistance / High Reliability
*Resistance value is mesaured by using pectinate gold plating basal plate made by Polymatech Japan.
*Resistance value ≧ 2.5φ of contact printing area is set ≧ 300Ω.


Steering Switch (in-car Use) Audio Switch (in-car Use)
Power Window Switch (in-car) Musical Instruments (Electric Piano)

Development Flow

Upon receipt of your design information, we suggest the most optimized inner rubber contact switch design by following the development flow. Contact Polymatech today for your complete application solutions.

We suggest the best design considering operation force and stroke by use of FEM.

We make tooling based on simulation results, and manufacture ICR by way of trial. During trials, we verify F-S features e.g. adjusting rubber hardness, and make samples considered target operation force and click ratio.

We welcome your any comments to our products and design engineering.
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