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Thermal-Conductive Grease CGW™ Series are 2-Component liquid silicone thermal-conductive greases curable at room temperature. Use of filling devices make the filling process automatic.
The grease softens during assembly, reducing stress on components such as PCBs and cabinets. The grease starts curing after mixture of 2-component liquid and realizes high reliability and does not pump-out. Mixing ratio is A:B=1:1. Pot life is 2hours long after the mixture and the grease will be cured in 24hours at room temperature.
The grease becomes hardened material with elasticity and flexibility so that it can follow vibration during usage. CGW® Series is used for vehicle control parts and battery due to high durability of silicone. It can be used nearby contacts as the low-molecular siloxane content is no more than 70ppm. We are also capable of customizing to control the minimum film thickness by adding glass beads.
No need to storage in a cool dark place and storage limitation is 6 months at room temperature-environment.

Delivery Format :Syringe,pails

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